Stand Out Stories: Novelist x Billionaire Boys Club

Stand Out Stories: Novelist x Billionaire Boys Club

2022 is here and we’re kicking off our first Stand Out Story of the year with Novelist, in collaboration with Billionaire Boys Club. Novelist is a British Grime MC and Rapper from South London. Growing up in Lewisham wasn’t always the easiest but has made Novelist who he is today. Read on and discover Novelist’s Stand Out Story now.

In terms of style, Novelist believes this comes from within. It can be easy to behave or look a certain way, but style is more about your mindset and who you are. Wearing Billionaire Boys Club, Novelist is styled in some of the brands trending pieces however, what really gives the clothing it’s flair is the way in which Novelist present it and himself and the self-confidence and belief that he has. “Because I spent a lot of time on getting to know myself, everything that I do is virtually stylish. I’m a very stylish dude”

Alongside style, we talk to Novelist about his musical influences such as Soul, Funk, Deep House and more. All the genres that influenced him growing up and made him who he is today. He notes that much of the genres he steps into now have been present since he was younger and he’s just embracing them more as he grows.

Growing up in London, people will often assume that there’s a lack of community but Novelist says otherwise. Growing up in Lewisham was like a “fun warzone” for him. There may have been battles around him but it was all about finding the fun in the place he lived. Alongside this came a community. For Novelist, the community is his neighbours, whether he likes them or not. “Sometimes, it’s the person you don’t like who needs what you have or possesses what you need. If everyone acknowledges that, we can all look after each other and make the community better”.

Discover the full Stand Out Story with Novelist x BBC over on our YouTube channel now and find out about the pressures to be a role model, Novelist’s style influences, the meaning behind some of his lyrics and more.

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