Stand Out Stories: Tom Zanetti x True Religion

Stand Out Stories: Tom Zanetti x True Religion

This week Tom Zanetti joins us for the next instalment of our Stand Out Stories series. Kitted out in some of the best pieces True Religion has to offer, we speak about how Tom Zanetti has made something of himself from nothing.

In his early life, Tom Zanetti grew up on a council estate with his mum and his siblings. As money was tight, they would often share clothes and didn’t tend to have much money spare after buying the essentials. As he grow older, he would attend DJ Sets with his dad and help his dad set up, and from here, his music career blossomed. As Tom was always around music, it gave him a lot of experience and inspiration to work from. He got his first track signed with ‘Darlin’ in 2015, but he had been working hard long before this; standing outside clubs every Thursday night to try get his music out there.

Being from the North, Tom has always found the scene around him to be welcoming and has given the same back. When you step into a club in Leeds, it doesn’t matter how many people you know, you will feel at home in an instant. This is what Tom Zanetti likes about the city in which he grew up. Everyone is nothing but welcoming, and Tom always likes to make people feel like they’re in good company.

Find out more about Tom Zanetti ‘s story with True Religion on Tuesday with our ‘In Conversation With’ feature where we delve further into how Tom built himself up, and discover how much style means to him. Follow us on Instagram and YouTube to stay up to date.

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