Stand Out Winter With MA.STRUM

Stand Out Winter With MA.STRUM

With the autumn winter season now in full swing, it’s time you start thinking about your key outerwear pieces of the season to invest in. With that in mind, this week MA.STRUM is in focus, delivering their technical outerwear range.

Whilst your outerwear may be more walk in the park than rush hour commute this year, one thing we know for certain is that the weather has taken a considerable turn of late and frankly we can’t wait to slip into those insulated, waterproof pieces, enter MA.STRUM.

MA.STRUM knows a thing or two about technical outerwear and if it’s one thing this premium sportswear brand does well, it is creating fashionable yet functional pieces ideal for the winter season.


Starting with a cosy-knit for an insulated underneath, we showcase the Badge Sweatshirt, a staple piece in the autumn winter collection. The subtle approach to the MA.STRUM branding and classic sweater style makes this a firm favourite in the collection.


If you’re going to invest in anything, make it the Hydro Torch piece, evident with this jacket is MA.STRUM research and technical abilities in military wear. Not only statement outerwear, this jacket embodies performance attire with its water repellent outer. Tried at tested in the highlands, this is one piece that we can guarantee will be your most worn wardrobe addition for winter 2020.


There’s something about the Torch Down jacket that instantly warms us up. One, being the jacket is an uncompromising insulated layer designed with down and two, the high funnel neck provides ultimate cover for the cooler months. Think, a coat comfier than a duvet day with this fashionable yet functional piece.

Discover more from the Stand Out Winter edit and shop MA.STRUM now.

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