Stand Out Winter Presents: Holland Cooper

Stand Out Winter Presents: Holland Cooper

During our winter campaign, Stand Out: Never Bound By Boundaries, we’ll be taking time each week to give focus to the season’s key brands whilst venturing deeper into Iceland with you, exploring one of its many contrasting landscapes.

This week we join Holland Cooper in lush rural Iceland amongst mossy verges and cool glacial streams to celebrate the brand’s equestrian roots, in the company of the Norse nation’s famous wild horses.

As we’ve explored previously, Jade Cooper’s eponymous clothing line wears its country inspirations on its sleeve (at times quite literally). The designer’s proud use of quilting, traditional silhouettes and materials point to an artistic direction that is firmly rooted in the stately homes and stables of the English countryside. Even her product naming directly references traditional clothing worn by riders.

However, this isn’t quaint nostalgia. Cooper has a deft touch when it comes to the intricacies of contemporary women’s style. The Jodhpur Skinny Jeans area wonderful example of her ability to seamlessly marry the trends of the day with heritage clothing. This is clothing inspired by the estate that’s equally at home in a sports car.

With all this in mind, to showcase the brand we headed into the rolling hills of Iceland, where the Icelandic Wild Horse roams freely throughout the year. We bring you with us, as we take to horseback to begin our winter journey, defying all boundaries.

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