Stand Out Winter Presents: Moose Knuckles

Stand Out Winter Presents: Moose Knuckles

Join us as we take you into the next week of our exciting Stand Out Winter campaign. This week, Moose Knuckles will take to the spotlight, as they demonstrate their outerwear expertise. Stand Out Winter Presents: Moose Knuckles ā€“ one of the leading luxury brands at Tessuti this season.

Moose Knuckles is at the forefront of outerwear fashion and remains to be one of the most popular brands this season. Since its inception back in 2009, Moose Knuckles has designed clothing to combat the Canadian cold – a country that is no stranger to an average of 8 inches of snowfall and winters reaching as low as -20Ā°C. The brand’s wild and free aesthetic blends perfectly with our winter campaign to be Never Bound by Boundaries.

Since the brand began, they continue to create core parkas, bombers and jackets to meet all outerwear needs. All products are cultivated in Canada, soaked in home grown talent and skill, and feature both Canadian and imported components. Along with impeccable tailoring, ethically sourced materials and high-quality hardware, the innovative outerwear is both comfortable and stylish.

Never bound by boundaries, we took Moose Knuckles to the coast of Iceland, on the black sands, to face the unpredictable Icelandic weather. Armed with Canadian know-how, grit and heritage sewed into every fibre, the brand provided warmth and most importantly, protected from the harsh elements that hit.

Moose Knuckles was put to the test for our winter campaign and with this forward-thinking brand at hand, you will be able to face anything this winter. For unique yet premium designs, choose Moose Knuckles.

Be a part of the Moose Knuckles outerwear tribe and shop Stand Out Winter here. 

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