Stand Out Winter Presents: Parajumpers

Stand Out Winter Presents: Parajumpers

By now you’ve followed us on our Icelandic venture for a few weeks. We’ve charged down winding rural roads, we’ve rode through the idyllic Iceland countryside and put a foot down on black sands making our way towards a final secret destination. This week we follow Parajumpers, paying homage to the brand’s roots while showing you why they deserve a place in the world of high fashion.

With the luxury outerwear label’s aviation inspired heritage in mind, we headed for one of Iceland’s cult travel destinations. On the site of the famous Sólheimasandur plane crash, where the wreck of a US Navy DC-3 aircraft rests, Parajumpers invokes the spirit of the Alaskan rescue team to which the brand owes its existence. With parachute clips and utility pockets on full display, the jackets were in their element.

To describe Parajumpers as just a technical brand is inaccurate. Amongst the flurry of technical features though, the signature Gobi jackets amongst others have all the hallmarks of high fashion clothing. The intense attention to detail partnered with proud craftsmanship mean that the high quality shines through. This is clothing for the fashion forward go-getter. Luxury trims and unique hardware give each silhouette distinct features that have a lot in common with runway clothing. 

This season the collection at Tessuti is pushed to the limits, as the brand is never bound by boundaries in Iceland, for the winter campaign. 

Discover more Parajumpers in our stand out campaign here.

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