Stand Out Winter Presents: Pyrenex

Stand Out Winter Presents: Pyrenex

Joining Pyrenex amidst a desolate backdrop, we explore the brands rich heritage, displaying why this brand is a must-have, as you combat the cold this winter. Venturing into the bleak landscapes and abandoned towns, we put Pyrenex outerwear to the test against the treacherous and unpredictable Icelandic weather. 

Pyrenex initially came on to the outerwear scene back in 1859, by commencing with expeditions. Since then, the natural products have developed into a vast collection of sleek and superior styles.

Pyrenex’s insulating down feather jackets are designed to tackle the winter weather. Year after year the brand produce unique garments filled with feathers and down. A natural material, this type of insulation provides exceptional warmth while remaining extremely lightweight. Combining comfort and longevity, the jackets are able to store warmth, acting as a protective force against the cold. 

The Mistral Jacket, featured in our campaign is a perfect example of how the brand fuse quality and style. Using a fur padded interior, the brand’s passion for protective outerwear is apparent within their design. Using design expertise, they have created both innovative and stylish outerwear collections. Complete with the Pyrenex logo stitched on the sleeve, it’s time to put a Pyrenex stamp on your outerwear wardrobe. 

Join Tessuti as we take them on their next step of their journey to defy all boundaries. 

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