A Night With Stone Island

A Night With Stone Island

On Thursday night Stone Island brought together a night of world leading music to once again show the world why their brand is such hot property. We were there to check it out.

In London’s bustling Dalston hundreds of Stone Island fans and music fans alike gathered to catch sets by Pariah, Overmono and Ben UFO. Such an accomplished line-up of underground artists affirmed the brands commitment to progression, both cultural and material. And where in the past Osti’s brand has taken to displaying the rich fabrics of their design, this time it was a far more simplistic approach. One dark room, three acts and a whole lot of dancing.

The first act to take to the decks was Pariah. The London based producer has quietly bubbled away for over ten years having found his feet as a member of the dubstep phenomenon that took the city by storm in the early noughties. These days, his fusion of breakbeats and more soulful samples create a sound that in unmistakably British. It was harsh but complex and at times breath-taking. Pariah warmed the crowd up perfectly, lifting the room as it filled with expectant fans. With Stone Island’s famous compass projected to the back of the room it was clear it would be a good night.

Next up were Overmono the sibling duo who are hugely respected both individually and form quite a formidable team when together. The pair have often been touted as being a good snapshot of everything that’s different and exciting about underground UK music. Their intensely unique style was a breath of fresh air, injecting some real pace to the proceedings. The brothers did an excellent job of warming for the night’s main event Ben UFO.

As Ben UFO took to the stage the crown erupted into whoops and claps, ready to witness one of the world’s finest DJ talents. The Hessle Audio founder has been making power moves over the last few years. His label has gone from strength to strength as has his own personal reputation. Ben has built a movement. His set was everything you’d want as well. It was eclectic. It was exciting, and it had some serious tunes behind it. The crowd couldn’t get enough. It was clear the guys at Stone Island know what they’re doing when it comes to music.

All in all, it was a good night. Stone Island confirmed to us all that they’re not going anywhere and what’s more, that they’re leading the way in cultural strides across the fashion industry. Keep an eye out for more where that came from.

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