Stone Island – Polypropylene Denim

Stone Island – Polypropylene Denim

We are excited to present Stone Island’s latest capsule project, the Polypropylene Denim collection. Denim has been a wardrobe staple for decades and the inventiveness from Stone Island on this occasion is stunning.


Stone Island is the market leader in fabric innovation and technology and they have created a series of denim cloth that weaves a polypropylene yarn into an indigo dyed cotton warp. The result is an impeccable denim tela with a drastically reduced weight; it has the look of a 19oz. material but weighs only 10 – the lightest fabric on earth!



This exceptional treatment gives a new look to the whole collection having undergone the Stone Island ‘dark’ treatment; a manual sanding, light stonewash as well as an enzyme wash. The indigo knit is also used in weaving yarns, an innovative technique from the knitwear industry. For this range a yarn was especially created from indigo dyed polypropylene and cotton yarn with chain.


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