How Coronavirus Changed Fashion. Virtual Fashion, The Designer Face Mask and More

How Coronavirus Changed Fashion. Virtual Fashion, The Designer Face Mask and More

No one could have predicted how the world would change with the advent of coronavirus. All of our daily lives changed this year with working at home and quarantine rules becoming the norm. Outside of daily life, COVID-19 has also affected the future of fashion.

How has Coronavirus changed fashion?

For the past six months, fashion stores have changed. They operated online-only for many months while fashion shows went digital. This has pushed designers to think outside the box when they attempt to create the real-life fashion show experience in a virtual environment. The future of fashion is uncertain with many events slated to go “phygital” in 2021, a mixture between physical and digital.

It’s not just the world of fashion shows that has changed. What we wear on a day-to-day basis has changed with the introduction of face masks and coverings. What was rarely seen outside of a hospital environment this time last year has now become the world’s most used accessory. Since the U.K. government made it mandatory to wear face coverings in shops and public transport, they have become a true essential. Cue the designer face mask. It’s not a surprise to see some of our favourite designers helping us to convert the face-covering into fashion’s latest accessory.

Can face masks and face coverings be stylish?

Here at Tessuti Dsquared2 are leading the charge with fashionable and stylish face coverings. By using a knit construction they have created a breathable exterior with ear straps that are built into the design. This means the design is more comfortable and fitted.

Other brands have added filters to their mask for a fresher user experience. Australian brand AusAir has designed its facemask in a stylish range of minimal colours with patented anti-pollution breathing technology. Their collection is a true definition of form meets function, coming soon to Tessuti

(Disclaimer: face coverings are not a substitute for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Tessuti cannot claim any medical or protective benefits of their masks. When the product package has been opened, face coverings are not returnable, exchangeable, or refundable due to health protection reasons).

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