Sustainable Sneakers

Sustainable Sneakers

Sustainability in fashion is being adopted by more and more design teams. Product developers are under pressure to create their designs with minimal impact to the environment. Big fashion industry players that traditionally worked with non-environmentally conscious materials like fur and leather have announced that it’s their goal to become more sustainable. For example, Italian fashion house Prada have dropped any animal furs from their ranges from the SS20 Womenswear Collection and their Re-Nylon range has committed to only sustainable Nylon use through 2020 and 2021.

Footwear has proven even more difficult to keep sustainable with many styles based on using leather that provides ethical concerns but has, at the same time, proven to be extremely durable and long lasting.

At Tessuti, Veja is a brand leading the way in environmental responsibility. Their footwear styles may be designed in their Paris Headquarters but itā€™s in Brazil where the main development takes place. Since 2004 Veja has purchased 130tns of wild rubber from the Amazon Rainforest which has helped to conserve 120,000 hectares of land in the Amazon. This natural rubber is used in their sneaker soles. In addition, each sneaker is made up of natural vegetable tanned leather and three plastic bottles from the streets of Rio de Janeiro. One quarter of Vejaā€™s trainers are vegan. In fact, Veja trainers cost 4 to 7 times more to produce than other less sustainable manufacturers but the results are worth it for this environmentally conscious brand.

Another sustainable footwear producer is Amsterdamā€™s Mercer. Mercer have collaborated with renowned Italian firm Vegea which helps to develop environmentally-friendly products. The result is their vegan sneaker range. This is a range considered by many to be some of the most environmentally developed trainers in the world and the future of modern footwear. Mercer gained notoriety for their 100% sustainable sneaker which harbours details such as mesh made from PET recycled bottles and a sole made from Algae. Pim Mercer, founder of Mercer Amsterdam, is leading the charge on sustainable footwear. Mercer highlights that sustainable materials can be as luxurious as real leathers which is already a game-changer for the fashion industry.

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