Taste of Tokyo: Coffee Editon

Taste of Tokyo: Coffee Editon

Japan is known for its traditional tea drinking culture but in recent years coffee is starting to become just as popular and we headed to the coffee spot of Single O to find out how they are pathing the way for coffee consumers in Japan.

Single O is tucked away from the bustle of crowds in a residential area near Asakusa. It celebrates all that coffee has to offer where they roast their own coffee beans in house that they have received from their bean buyer in Sydney. The smell of coffee when you enter the small but perfectly formed coffee shop makes it a must visit.

A tasting table allows you to try out their variety of speciality coffee flavours to make it a personal experience that for each person. Tokyo is known for its vending machines where you can get canned coffee on the go. Single O gives coffee consumers the opportunity to drink coffee in a more considered way and treat it with the luxury that it deserves.

We sat down with Single O worker, Diasuke to find out a bit more about the place and how coffee is part of Japanese life. Click here to watch the full interview on our Youtube channel.

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