Tech Favourites: C.P. Company

Tech Favourites: C.P. Company

Founded in 1971 this Italian brand is a favourite amongst those looking for technical clothing. Flash forward to 2020 and C.P. Company is going from strength to strength. Whether it’s their signature goggle jacket or designer sweatshirts, this brand creates a luxury menswear wardrobe to envy.

Known for their functional design featuring lightweight jackets, the brand has expanded to create luxury loungewear in an array of seasonal colours. From sweatshirts to shorts, C.P. Company gives us an off-duty wardrobe that feels bright and fresh. With their distinguishable lens logo, they are a trusted brand within the luxury market for wearable, everyday sportswear clothing.

Functional sports inspired clothing is what C.P. Company are known for with their no-nonsense approach to utility clothing. However, as well as this, their graphic tees give a unique design approach to the technical brand. C.P. Company has become the go-to brand for expert design and craftsmanship. From subtle branding to bold logos across their luxury tees, they have you covered. This has made them a force to be reckoned with. They are masters in their field.

C.P. Company is a brand that is at the top of their game. Dive into their collection and shop the latest arrivals from C.P. Company on Tessuti now.

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