Technical Outerwear: The Brands To Know

Technical Outerwear: The Brands To Know

It’s no secret by now that the weather has turned, with half the country experiencing at least a touch of rain and some strong winds. Winter has rudely announced itself. So, it is by that barometer that we, at Tessuti, would like to officially open the season of technical outerwear.

Yes, we know it’s a term that’s thrown around a lot these days and everyone has got an opinion but most buzz words have at least some credibility to them. That’s certainly the case here. Technical outerwear has expanded vastly as a category in the past few years. The market is huge and new brands are emerging every year. But with all that noise, which labels should be taken seriously? And how do we sort a Parajumpers from just a puffer jacket? Well, here’s how.


Parajumpers are a great place to begin. Technically, you won’t find much better than their jackets. With a premium down fill, designed to withstand the kinds of temperatures you might find in the Arctic Circle, Parajumpers provide leading insulation. Add to that top of the range hardware across the zips, poppers, clips and tags and you get a jacket that is as suited to search and rescue as it is casual use. As it happens that is no coincidence with the brand taking many design references from the elite Anchorage Search and Rescue team based in Alaska.

Away from the tundra though, styles such as the Gobi make for perfect additions to a fashion forward winter wardrobe. Pair their utilitarian aesthetic with jeans and a pair of premium trainers for a strong winter fit.

Moose Knuckles

Founded only a decade ago, Moose Knuckles is a relative newcomer in the technical outerwear scene. But with youth comes excitement and it is safe to say the Canadian brand has added a new dimension to the market. Wearing its heart on its sleeve (quite literally a crest heart-like logo on the sleeve) Moose Knuckles place emphasis on style. However, that doesn’t mean they’re without substance. Premium riveted construction and extra attention to comfort and fit make their core jackets some of the best around. So if technical pieces with real personality are your preference you know where to look.


Of our favourite tech-forward brands Pyrenex is the traditionalist. Born from a need to produce warm protective clothing and equipment in a twentieth century alpine environment the brand has developed into the jewel in the crown of the Pyrenees mountain range. Their glamorous approach to down filled outerwear has given them a loyal following drawn to their jackets glossy exteriors and stylish silhouettes. The Pyrenex range is clothing designed to provide technical protection while displaying an acute sense of style.

So that’s the Tessuti beginners guide to technical outerwear and the brands who are leading the way. Shop our winter collection for all the latest pieces.

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