Technical Outerwear

Technical Outerwear

What is Technical Outerwear?

We know many people may be confused when we say technical outerwear, or you may hear it and have a rough idea of what it means but have never really thought about what it entails. Well, simply put, technical outerwear puts performance at the forefront. It’s waterproof. It’s windproof. It’s well insulated. They’re often made from innovative fabrics and are designed with your physical needs in mind. And in recent years, they’ve started to incorporate fashionable styles too.

In this edit, we’re bringing you some of the best and key technical outerwear pieces we have to offer so read on.


First of all, let’s start with the Gobi bomber jacket from Parajumpers. One of their best selling pieces, the Gobi is available for men and women and is padded with down-feathers to ensure maximum insulation and warmth. The jacket contains multiple pockets, including a spacious cargo pocket so you can keep your belongings close. With reinforced elbow patches and taped seems and waterproof materials, this jacket is both durable and practical. The Gobi is the type of jacket you will wear year after year, and it’ll hold up like the day you bought it.

CP Company

Most well-known for their technical outerwear, CP Company create modern and contemporary styles like no other. This has built them a good following in the UK. Founded by the same founder of Stone Island, the styles can often be likened to each other and CP Company is great for Stone Island lovers, as well as newbies to both brands. They have a range of waterproof and insulated jackets, as well as overshirts which are perfect for transitioning between seasons.

Moose Knuckles

Born out of Canada, Moose Knuckles really know what it means to battle extreme cold weather. They bring contemporary and classic designs and may be one of the warmest jackets you ever lay your hands on. Take the Ballistic for example. It’s packed with down-padding, whilst being protected by a down-proof inner liner and a waterproof outer liner so it stays put and keeps you warm year after year.

Shop the range of Technical Outerwear over on our Winter Edit now.Ā 

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