Tessuti Playlist: Glastonbury Greats

Tessuti Playlist: Glastonbury Greats

Right now, what seems like half of the population should be attending one of the most talked-about festivals on earth – Glastonbury. Last year we saw countless social posts about how a Glastonbury ticket had been bought and that the countdown was on…

However, the unforeseeable happened and festival season has unfortunately been cancelled for this year. However, we want to put a positive spin on the situation and celebrate Glastonbury in style. So this week, we have compiled a Tessuti playlist to celebrate some of the greatest music acts Glastonbury has seen.

Switch up your weekend and have a mini festival in your garden with our Glastonbury Greats playlist to set the mood. Whether you are celebrating great music at a social distance with friends and family, or simply lifting your spirits, the Glastonbury Greats playlist has something for you. From Florence to Oasis, to Jay-Z and The Cure, we have pooled together some of the best Glasto talent for the weekend ahead.

If you’d like to get involved with the Glastonbury action, don’t miss out on the BBC’s coverage of archival sets over on iPlayer. Relive some of the best performances from Glastonbury with the BBC and enjoy some of the greatest moments. Whatever you end up doing this weekend, ensure you get into the festival spirit and enjoy your celebrations at home.

Listen to the playlist here.

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