Six Steps To A Negroni

Six Steps To A Negroni

A cocktail to enjoy from the comfort of your own sofa. This week’s Six At Six recipe is a weekend cocktail, and with the Spring weather shining in, we felt it appropriate for our tipple of choice to be the ever so favourable Negroni. A simple summer cocktail with which you can imagine you’re sat sipping on the coast of the Amalfi.

The Negroni is a bracing little number that puts the bittersweet Campari front and centre, here’s the recipe below.


1oz Gin

1oz Campari

1oz Sweet Vermouth




Step one:

Mix the gin, campari and sweet vermouth into a glass.


Step two:

Add ice to the glass.


Step three:

Stir all the ingredients in the glass, lovingly.


Step four:

Zest a little orange rind into the mix for good measure.


Step five:

Sit at your window and pretend you’re basking in the blazing sun of the Amalfi coast.


Step six:

Sip and smile.


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