Six Steps To An Espresso Martini

Six Steps To An Espresso Martini

Favoured by supermodels and the rest, this week we’re stirring up the famous, stylish and classic cocktail that is the Espresso Martini for the Six at Six. Just in time for the bank holiday weekend, this cocktail will undoubtedly ‘wake you up and shake you up’.

The famous Espresso Martini, a classic Kahlua cocktail was first brought to the bar scene back in 1983. When the bartender Dick Brasdell was requested to make a drink with a kick from a British supermodel in London. A cocktail with a history and a legacy; this is one recipe you’ll want to mix up.

espresso Marrini


40ml Absolut Vodka

20ml Kahlua

20ml Espresso

3 Whole Coffee Beans

Ice Cubes


Step one

Make the espresso. For this you could use a mocha pot, French press, a capsule machine or an AeroPress.


Step two

Let the espresso cool to make your drink colder and even tastier.


Step three

Fill your shaker with ice cubes.


Step four

Add all the remaining ingredients to the shaker with the ice cubes and shake. Really shake.


Step five

Strain the liquid into your chosen vessel (preferably a martini glass) and make it swift as this will get all of the foam out.


Step six

Garnish the finished drink with 3 coffee beans for decoration and drink as if you’re an 80’s supermodel.


Want more recipes head to our Tessuti IGTV channel for more.


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