Tessuti Talks: Holland Cooper

Tessuti Talks: Holland Cooper

In celebration of the launch of our winter campaign, Tessuti have collaborated with Essential Journal to host a series of in store events. This week, Holland Cooper took the spotlight, with Jade Holland-Cooper attending the Liverpool One store to discuss all things fashion and style. 

Prior to the evening, a number of our ambassadors were invited to dine with us at Dash, before heading to the designer Tessuti store. The ‘it’ place to be in the city, Dash is one of Liverpool’s newest and most popular venues for a unique wine and dine experience. The venue boasts a colour scheme of blossom and teal with contrasting black and white diamond flooring throughout.

Upon arrival, our guests were greeted with Tessuti winter gift-bags, Holland Cooper horseshoe name tags, which give a nod to the brand’s equestrian roots, and treats adorning the luxurious marble tables. Dressed up from head to toe, our stylish guest-list was composed of Kelly O’Donnell, Alexandra McNally, Leona Meliskova, Lucie Humphrey and Tessuti brand ambassadors: Pingkan and Zoe

Serving up savoury duck spring rolls, summer rolls and sushi pieces, the delicacies were just as delightful as they looked. The prosecco and cocktails flowed before we ventured to the Tessuti store for the main event. 

With Jade taking centre stage amidst a full Holland Cooper backdrop, guests were eager to learn more about the luxury lifestyle brand. From the Cotswold countryside to the city streets, Jade showcased key pieces from the winter collection, providing in-depth insider knowledge on the brand and their values and beliefs. 

The evening was a successful affair for both Jade Holland Cooper and the influencers alike.

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