Tessuti X DIMORAL Takeover | Liverpool ONE

Tessuti X DIMORAL Takeover | Liverpool ONE

DIMORAL took over our Liverpool ONE store and trust us, you’re going to want it all.

We’re all pretty excited about DIMORAL, and whether you care to admit it or not, we all do secretly love a selfie. So when we hooked up with the brand for the special launch, we invited down a local DJ to sit along side the exclusive DIMORAL mirror, and made a bit of a party. On the day, everyone could get a good feel for the collection and whilst admiring their favourite pieces in the mirror – their reflection was printed at the same time. Take a look on Instagram at #TessutiXDimoral to see some; if you were there let us know.



If you’re the guy who opts for luxury & quality in your wardrobe you need to know about DIMORAL. A premium brand with Dutch roots, their expressive garments are innovated around their heritage, and then layered with intricate embellished detailing. Perfectly suited to those who want elevated everyday essentials, but still dare to be different. Wearing DIMORAL makes you a member of their society, a society of which they strive to produce ‘nothing but excellence’ for.


Liverpool ONE

The event was at one of our most thriving stores, Liverpool ONE, which sits in the heart of the shopping district, nestled in St Peters Lane. At our Liverpool One store, you’ll be able to browse your essential brands such as BOSS, Cananda Goose and C.P. Company, but also be able to get familiar with some of our newest finds Pal Zileri, IUTER and Z Zegna… and don’t forget about the womenswear range that sit’s upstairs too.

You’re always welcome to pop in and say hello to the team and take a browse at the latest arrivals. We love seeing you enjoy the stores so don’t forget to tag us in your pictures – you might be featured on our Instagram @TessutiUK.


Shop online for Dimoral now.



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