Industry Insights: Natasha, Digital Designer

Industry Insights: Natasha, Digital Designer

As part of Tessuti’s ongoing role as both a sponsor and partner of Graduate Fashion Week 2018, we took the opportunity to ask members of the Tessuti team what pearls of wisdom they would offer to upcoming students and graduates from their own experiences.

Today, we speak to Natasha from our digital design department about her experience to date as part of our Multichannel team.


Natasha, Digital Designer


Which University did you go to and what did you study?


I went to Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) and studied for a BA in Fashion Design Technology & Spanish.  


How would you describe what you do?


My role encompasses anything and everything to do with digital design on Tessuti. That could be building out emails, creating banners for the homepage, landing page designs and more. If you can see it on the website, I have probably designed it! This means there is a lot of variety in what I do and sometimes it can get very busy, especially when there are deadlines coming up. I spend a lot of my day in Photoshop and when I’m not doing that, I’m often helping to envisage and plan the next campaigns with the wider Multi-channel team.


Did you do any work experience before starting full time employment?


No, not really – I just did some freelance photography and small, basic graphic briefs for some clients. I’d have liked to have done more but I was limited in terms of timings. The good thing about freelance is you have to pick things up very quickly and learn to be very self-reliant. 


Why Fashion?


I’ve always been interested in all areas of fashion (hence the course choice!). I like the fast paced creativity of it all but also the self-reflection element, the fact that there are no rules and how diverse it can be. It’s a very exciting industry to be a part of. 


What is the most useful thing you learnt during your time at University?


I only did one year of my initial degree before deciding the course wasn’t for me, I did however in that time learn about all elements of the fashion industry, from buying and marketing to material technology. What stuck with me was to always find a way to express yourself in your work – you’ve got your own style and your own way of working, the more you try to change yourself to fit the criteria the less you’ll stand out. 


Whats the most important thing you’ve learnt during your time at Tessuti?


How important it is to build relationships with colleagues- it makes all areas of life MUCH easier! I have to work with people right across the business, but I am especially close to the digital marketing and studio teams as we have to collectively work on projecting the right image for Tessuti. We all get on very well and this makes work much more enjoyable, but also faster to complete a lot of the time.


Which designers inspire you?


I have always admired Vivienne Westwood for her campaign work, unshakeable attitude and tough mentality (at the start of her career she literally got laughed at on TV for her work, but it didn’t stop her). I also love Mary Quant because she started a revolution in the fashion industry, encouraging women to wear what they want, where they want – and Gucci because Alessandro Michele is a genius! 


If you could give one piece of advice to the students of today, what advice would you give?


Be yourself, create your own ideas, network and respect EVERYONE’S opinion, it’s always valuable even if you disagree.


And finally, why Tessuti?


I love working at Tessuti because of the high-end brands we work with, it’s such a well-respected name within the industry. When you’re working with well-known brands like Versace, Hugo Boss and Vivienne Westwood, it makes like much more interesting! I really enjoy working as part of the team too.


Want to know more? You can find out more about Tessuti’s current vacancies and opportunities here.


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