The Best Places to visit this Summer

The Best Places to visit this Summer

After somewhat losing out last Summer, we’re all eager to get away this Summer. And whilst some restrictions remain in place, we’re here to give you the best places to visit this Summer.


Germany is now on the green list for countries available to visit. If you are fully vaccinated, Germany will allow you to travel for any reason; which of course includes leisure. You may want to visit somewhere like Berlin which has plenty to do and lots on offer. This option is great for those who enjoy city-breaks and exploring the history of a place. However, if you’re looking for a holiday of relaxation in the sun, you may want to read on.


If Germany isn’t quite for you, but you’re still a city lover, you can now visit the likes of Paris, provided that you are double jabbed and can provide a negative PCR prior to travel. If you are double jabbed, this means you won’t need to isolate after your arrival and you can get on with enjoying your time away. There are some restrictions still in place, such as having to wear a mask whilst indoors and on public transport, however most places are now open for you to explore.


If you’re looking for a sunnier getaway and can prove you have been fully vaccinated, then Malta might be the destination for you. With beautiful beaches and rocky coves, you can get something a little different from a city break. Just use the Covid-app to prove your vaccination status and on you go to a happy relaxing getaway.

Faroe Islands

Perhaps a lesser known holiday destination, it’s become much more popular for holiday-makers during the times we are in. You will need to prove that you are fully vaccinated and provide a negative covid test to avoid the need to quarantine, so be aware of this before booking. Otherwise, much like Malta, you can enjoy scenic coastlines and beautiful waterfalls which make it feel like a home away from home.

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