The Essential Guide: 24 Hours In Liverpool

The Essential Guide: 24 Hours In Liverpool

There are a lot of people out there that don’t actually know that much about Liverpool, besides the obvious fact that it is the birthplace of The Beatles! This beautiful city has so much to offer and is the 5th most popular destination for international visitors. So, we want to share some of our favourite spots with you – here is our essential guide for 24 hours in Liverpool.


Keep it in the city centre and head for brunch at The Brunch Club on Duke Street. This place promises that their menu is something worth venturing out for on a weekend morning, with all your favourite dishes on their menu. Smoothies, pancakes, eggs – you name it, they’ve got it! For something a bit further afield, take a stroll up to Falkner Street for one of our favourite brunch destinations, The Quarter. This gorgeous cafe is situated by the Church of England Cathedral, so after you have finished your food and drink, we recommend that you take a look at this breath-taking landmark.

brunch club liverpool


Castle Street truly shows off Liverpool’s heritage with lots of beautiful, ornate buildings. It is in fact named after the Castle which used to sit on the site of Derby Square. The street was home to medieval fairs and as a marker from this period, the Sanctuary Stone still remains. Nowadays, there are an array of bars and restaurants for everyone to enjoy. One of our favourites has to be the Olive Restaurant and Bar which is a vibrant, modern Italian venture, with rustic decor offering stone-baked pizza and chargrill specials. Liverpool’s shopping culture is also worth a mention – especially Liverpool One. Would it really be an official trip to Liverpool if you didn’t fit some shopping in? Get stuck in and explore the huge range of shops that draw in millions of visitors each year. Don’t forget to pop into our Liverpool Tessuti store on your trip!

castle street


After you have shopped until you’re ready to drop, it is vital that you catch a glimpse of the world-famous Liverpool docks. Liverpool’s waterfront is a designated World Heritage Site – that puts it on par with the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China! The sights are simply amazing, and you can see the Liver, the Cunard and the Port of Liverpool buildings, as well as multiple museums and galleries that populate the site. It is the perfect place to grab a coffee, sit down, relax and observe. The views are picturesque, the air is fresh, and you can see how beautiful the city of Liverpool really is.

liverpool docks


Bold Street is teaming with amazing shops, bars and restaurants. For your dinner you can choose anything from pies to pizza, curries to cous cous and so much more. After you have enjoyed your evening meal, there are plenty of bars you can pop in to. Seel Street, Fleet Street, Parr Street and Concert Square are hot destinations that are buzzing with a great atmosphere. One of our favourite bars has to be The Merchant which offers a huge selection of craft beers, IPAs, wines and 2 for 1 gin goblets before 7pm! Some of the best night-time venues are Heebie Jeebies, Salt Dog Slims, Berry and Rye and Mojo! Another great destination is the Baltic Triangle which is home to the likes of Constellations, The Gin Garden and The Baltic Market. This is slightly further out of town so be prepared to book a taxi if you don’t fancy the walk.

bold street
heebie jeebies

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