The Essential Guide: 24 Hours In Prague

The Essential Guide: 24 Hours In Prague

Prague is the capital city of The Czech Republic and has a truly historic core. With gothic churches and incredible cobbled streets around every corner, this city is a popular mini-break destination for those who love to explore. Here is our guide to help you enjoy 24 hours in the unforgettable city of Prague.

Explore the Old Town Square in the heart of Prague and soak up the incredible atmosphere of a beautiful scene. This charming area is home to the Town Hall, the Cathedral and many multi-coloured houses. Take a walk the Mala Strana neighbourhood and marvel at the historic cobblestoned streets and the spectacular facades of the centuries-old buildings.

Why not take in some of the street art that Prague has to offer and admire the John Lennon wall? The ever-changing wall was created back in the 1980s and is filled with graffiti that is inspired by John Lennon and The Beatles. Today, the wall is an inspiring piece of art that is adored by many. It is a symbol of global ideals such as love and peace – the qualities that Lennon fought so hard to promote.

Sit back and relax on a river cruise and observe the famous monuments along the banks of the Vltava. We think that this is one of the most enjoyable ways to soak up the scenery and see Prague from a different perspective. 

If you want to try something that is completely unique to Prague, you can visit the Beer Spa. Thatā€™s right, you can actually bathe in beer. It is scientifically proven that the high hop oil content in the beer helps to open your pores, resulting in an all-new radiant appearance. As well as this, it can help improve immunity, stimulate metabolism and ease stress! 

Visit one of the various Farmers Markets that are scattered around Prague. Join a unique social event where you have the opportunity to buy fresh and high-quality local food from primary producers. Enjoy a perfectly made coffee, hot food ranging from gourmet hamburgers to toasted sandwiches, sweet and savoury pancakes, grilled goods, beer, wine, fresh juices and much more.

Prague is the perfect destination for a quick trip away. You will never be bored in this truly picturesque city.

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