The Essential Guide: 24 Hours In Tokyo

The Essential Guide: 24 Hours In Tokyo

To condense a trip to Tokyo to 24 hours is no easy task. With endless amounts to see and do, you could explore for days and still not be done. Having said this, we’re going to try and give you some of the best spots in Tokyo to make the most of your 24 hours.


Asakusa is a busy area of Tokyo where rows of markets are set out for you to walk around and explore. This is a great way to throw yourself into Japanese culture headfirst as the place is full of the sights and smells to start the day off right and get you excited to see everything that Tokyo has to offer. Large crowds explore everything from ornaments to Japanese delicacies as weird and wonderful as you can imagine. It’s worth noting that it can get very busy so be sure to start your day off early and get there before the larger crowds.

Sensoji Temple

Whilst in Asakusa, the Sensoji temple is a must see. Before the temple is visible, women walk the streets in full geisha dress. Weaving in between the crowds, they guide you to the large temple where people gather in their masses. A definite must-see whilst in Tokyo.

Nazu Shrine

Take time to recharge after the bustle of busy Asakusa with a trip to the Nazu Shrine. This serene space is home to the famous red walkway, Senbon Torii. Established in 1705, it’s one of the oldest places to worship in Tokyo. The best time to visit is in Spring when the pink blossoms come out in all their glory. A sight to behold.

Shinjuku By Night

End the day in Shinjuku where the neon lights and buzzing atmosphere celebrate true Tokyo life. Head down into one of the small ramen joints that are never more than a few minutes away from you and enjoy a true taste of Japan with the locals. Then head down memory lane where the tiny bars are something you have to experience whilst in Tokyo. Narrow streets house bars that seat no more than five people, an experience unlike any other. A great ending to your 24 hours.


To see more of what we got up to in Tokyo, head to our Youtube channel where we explore even more locations. 

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