The Essential Guide: Reykjavik

The Essential Guide: Reykjavik

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A small city with a lust for life, Reykjavik is quickly becoming one of the trendiest and most talked about of Northern getaways.

Morning – Bergsson

Since its arrival in 2012, Bergsson has been regarded as a popular hangout amongst locals and tourists who care about what they eat. Open 7 till 7, the early bird café entices its customers with some real quality produce. Whether it be a full Icelandic breakfast or a cake or two, the vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant has it all for those chilled, early morning rise-and-shiners. Promoting good vibes throughout the day, this is a place to unwrap your scarf and plan your day in the city over a well-made coffee and a Bergsson cake.

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Midday – Marshallhusid

If art and culture are two hobbies that float your fishing boat, then The Marshall House – located in the upcoming Grandi district – should definitely be on your radar. Originally a fish factory back in 1948, the building has since been re-imagined as a cultural art centre and restaurant. The Marshall House and its trendy surroundings have something for even the most casual of art enthusiasts. The built-in seafood restaurant is on-hand for a light bite and midday drink once you’re done feasting your eyes on the gallery.

iceland art gallery

Evening – Rio Reykjavik

For the all-important evening meal, we suggest Rio. A friendly, fresh South American restaurant with a hint of Asian modification, Rio’s approach focuses not just on its mouth-watering food but the overall experience. Rio has an intriguing menu that offers classic South American dishes with a seafood focus and an Icelandic twist. Our advice? The vegan tacos are not to be missed!

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Night – Kol

After a night-time stroll through the heart of the city, a cocktail or two is likely to be on your agenda. Kol takes you on an exploration into the art of cocktail making by categorising their drinks menu into five subcategories that range from heavy-hitters to mocktails. With options like A Total Witch Hunt and Cyanide & Happiness, the oddball names of the cocktails often add as much flavour as the liquor in them.

kol restaurant

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