The Return of the T-Shirt Shop

The Return of the T-Shirt Shop

The humble t-shirt is often an underrated garment in our wardrobes. Everybody has one so it’s easy to overlook, right? But it’s time for a change of perspective; the t-shirt is the base of many outfits so it should act as a quality and versatile first layer to build on. And there is nothing to worry about, when it comes to tees there is something for everyone. Over many years designers have used the t-shirt as a blank canvas to display their most unique designs and this season is no different. Get your style down to a tee with our latest t-shirt edit (pun intended).

Men’s T-Shirt Shop


The team at WOOD WOOD have worked hard to develop a classically utilitarian aesthetic through their t-shirt range. Crisp whites hues and subdued navy tones are perfect for everyday wear, plus a range of large and small logo alternatives provide something for everyone. Plus, one thing we can all agree on, whether you’re a big-logo fan or a minimalist master, the most important feature is a good fit. Fortunately WOOD WOOD excels in this department. The brand’s Danish design heritage shines through for a range of t-shirts that fall well through the shoulders for a relaxed look that isn’t too oversized.

Billionaire Boys Club

The big logo trend has gripped the nation and is here to stay. This was a trend that was pioneered by streetwear’s biggest names and Billionaire Boys Club’s Pharrell Williams and Nigo are two of the biggest in the business. There’s plenty of choice from the brand with everything from bold spell out options for a confident look to colourful printed motifs for a throwback 90s vintage vibe.

True Religion

When True Religion burst onto the scene in the early 2000s it was easy to see that they were bringing something new to the table. While many have tried to imitate their signature look over the years it’s always better to stick with the original. Classic black tees are the basis of True Religion’s 2020 collection, however, splashes of colour keep things interesting. Their range incorporates flashes of pink and blue tones with the brand’s signature Buddha mascot making many appearances.

Women’s T-Shirt Shop


Retro 90s style and laid-back outdoors vibes are two massive trends that just don’t seem to be slowing down throughout 2020. Luckily for us, Pyrenex are hitting the nail on the head by combining these trends into a apres-ski style range that wouldn’t look out of place on some of Europe’s most classy slopes. Pyrenex has years of experience in heritage skiwear and their t-shirt range reflects this in a pared-back, easy-to-wear way.

Tommy Jeans

‘Jeans and a nice top’ is the ultimate go-to when the rest of your wardrobe is looking and feeling tired, for this we turn to Tommy Jeans. This is a brand that was built on the classic Americana look, in which the t-shirt takes pride of place as a staple part of the outfit. This season’s core Tommy tees come in a range of colourful hues and pastel tones that are sure to compliment any outfit combination. These are premium basics at their best.

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