The Sneaker Edit: The VEJA Guide

The Sneaker Edit: The VEJA Guide

Who are VEJA?

VEJA is a French footwear brand, founded in 2004. They focus on more than just footwear, as social and economical justice isĀ  at the heart of everything they do. With clean and simplistic designs, they make a great investment piece for everyday wear all year round. Or to create a beautiful smart-casual look for office or evening wear.

Where are VEJA Sneakers made?

Since inception, VEJA have always been produced in Rio Grande do Sul in South Brazil. With a fair-treatment of workers at their factories, they also offer employee benefits and hire locally to support the local economy. With 95% of the worlds sneakers being manufactured in Southeast Asia, VEJA break the mould and ensure equality for all their employees.

Where are the materials sourced?

All materials used are also sourced in Brazil which means less harmful emissions caused by shipping materials from different countries. One of their most notable materials is their B-Mesh, which is made of 100% up-cycled plastic bottles. This comes from Santo AndrĆ© in Brazil. Their Amazonian rubber is made of wild rubber from the rainforest which showcases their ethics. It’s interesting to note that this is the only place in the world that grows rubber trees in the wild and VEJA pay a premium price to avoid deforestation.

VEJA Statistics

To break things down even further, let’s take a look at some stats. To make just one pair of sneakers, they use three recycled plastic bottles within their Bottle Mesh fabric. All their cotton is organically-sourced which means a higher cost value compared to the usual market price, but a fair payment to workers. With VEJA, you pay for quality and equality and can be safe in the knowledge that your money is going to the right places. The brand is eco-conscious right down to the shoe box, made from recycled cardboard.

If you’re looking to buy a new pair of sneakers, why not make them ethical with VEJA, with styles for men and women across Tessuti.

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