The Tessuti Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

The Tessuti Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

Not only is this the beginning of a new year, this is the beginning of a new decade. A time where reflection is inevitable, and the perfect opportunity to set yourself some goals to take you into 2020.

Set Achievable Goals:

There can be a temptation to write down a long list of things you want to change or achieve in the new year and, whilst this is commendable, it can also be overwhelming. By giving yourself a list that goes right down the page, there are bound to be things that you can’t keep up with or that fall by the wayside as life takes over. You don’t need those feelings of failure though. When 2020 is done you’ll want to look back with a smile on your face at your achievements. So, be selective with your goals. Quality over quantity.

Give Yourself a Time Frame:

Once the excitement of the new year is over and you settle back down, the enthusiasm of a fresh start can dull a little. By giving yourself a set time that you want to have achieved something by will give more urgency to your goals and force you to get going with your resolutions. Give yourself the opportunity to surprise yourself with how much you can get done.

Less Is More:

We all love to think of grand sweeping statements like buy a house or be healthier in 2020. This is great as you know your end goal but be sure to break down your goals into manageable steps. Give yourself small tasks that will contribute to the bigger task at hand and this will definitely make sticking to your resolutions a lot easier.

Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself:

With all of this in mind, don’t forget to reward yourself for progress. Every month check up on yourself and see how you’re getting on. Reward yourself for mini accomplishments. If you haven’t done as well as you would have liked, don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t admit defeat, but instead use the start of a new month as an opportunity to work towards your next milestone. After all, we’re all about positivity at Tessuti.

With all of this in mind, make this the year that you set some goals and stick to them.

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