The Ultimate Beginner’s Gym Guide

The Ultimate Beginner’s Gym Guide

Starting at the gym can be a daunting process. Unsure of what equipment you should be using, not sure if your form is right, or just not feeling 100% comfortable in a new environment. It’s something everyone feels at some point in their relationship with the gym. We’ve put together the ultimate beginner’s gym guide to make sure you achieve your goals and most importantly enjoy your health and fitness journey.

Be Prepared: There’s nothing worse than having no idea what you’re going to do when you walk into the gym. Our best advice is to plan your session before you arrive. Plot out 4 or 5 exercises that you want to do, set your reps/sets and go from there. You’ll feel less overwhelmed knowing what equipment you need and where it’s located before you get started. Write down a range of different workouts and focus on those for your first few months – start small and get confident in the exercises you do.


Focus on Form: It can be easy to get sucked into ego lifting at the gym and compromise your form and safety when exercising. Don’t spend too much time looking at what others are working on, the person hip thrusting more than you may have been training for 5 years, and the person who’s racked up 20 minutes on the stair master has been endurance running for years. Focus on your form on all of your exercises and look at adding weight later. Watch some videos if you struggle and get some tips from your fave fitness influencers on how to get the most out of an exercise.


Don’t Overdo It: Remember that you’re new to this! Don’t try and do too much and end up injured. Take it slow and one session at a time. DOMS are normal but you can avoid them by correctly cooling down and stretching after a session (a foam roller may just be your new best friend). Be easy on your body and rest when you need to. It’s a marathon not a sprint.


Look Good and Feel Good: It may sound silly, but if you feel good in your workout outfit, you might feel more confident in the gym. Treat yourself to some activewear from Tessuti, with new pieces from Red Run, Adidas X Stella McCartney and more. Use our ultimate beginner’s gym guide and smash your 2022 fitness goals!

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