Tokyo By Night

Tokyo By Night

Explore Tokyo by night. The city may seem like a labyrinth with an immense population and the mix of both ultramodern buildings and traditional landmarks. But, this is one city you need to explore after dark.

Let the sunset across the city and the neon lights take hold. Taking a stroll around Shibuya – one of the biggest fashion centers in Japan. Walk along the streets of a district that never sleeps, with neon signs and bright lights wherever you look. A must-see destination is the area of Harajuku, where you can get a feel for Japan’s undeniable quirky fashion scene.

Discover the city from all the way up, basking in the views of Tokyo’s skyline at night. A highlight for us is the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, where you can soak up the city and appreciate the breathtaking Japanese architecture. The night scene is particularly special as you can literally see the beating heart of Tokyo in action across the city.

Stop off at one of Tokyo’s incredible bars and enjoy your favourite drink. A great location is the Buri Bar which is known as one of Tokyo’s number one bars. This destination stocks a wide range of Sake, all of which are displayed on the walls. Enjoy a huge variety of Sake flavours combined with neat bar snacks at this unique nightspot.

Travel back in time, exploring Tokyo’s memory lane. Let yourself immerse in Japanese culture, venturing along the narrow alleyways that host everything from modern retail stores to restaurants and food stalls. The cuisine is a must.

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