UGG Boots Are Back and Here’s Why You Need Them

UGG Boots Are Back and Here’s Why You Need Them

“New Year, New Me”. That’s the usual mantra as we head into another year, however this year many of us are actually going back to our old selves, or at least as far as fashion is concerned. That’s right, UGG Boots are back and they’re better than ever.

When they rose to popularity around 2010, we didn’t quite have the styling initiative we have now. For most of us, the boots would be teamed with a bad pair of leggings and whatever jumper or t-shirt we could find in our wardrobe. Now we’ve all matured and grown, we’ve figured out how to make these boots the number one item of the season. Keep reading to find out exactly why UGG Boots are back and discover why you need them in your life.

How to bring UGG Boots into 2022

So first things first, how do you style UGG Boots in 2022? There are many ways to style a pair of UGG’s and this will also be dependant on your own personal style, however a key consideration when it comes to styling UGG Boots is the size. UGG Boots are naturally a pretty bulky yet short shoe, especially when it comes to the most popular silhouettes like the Ultra Mini. They’re not fitted to your ankles like other boots you may be used to, and they tend to cut off at an unnatural point of your leg. This is great for mixing up your Winter footwear collection, but you need to approach them differently to your usual boot.

When it comes to UGG Boots, it’s all about balance. Back in the day, many of us would team our UGG Boots with a very form-fitting outfit which can actually be quite unflattering and draw much of the attention to the bulkier boots and make you appear out of proportion. In 2022, consider utilising oversized knits, longline jackets or boyfriend-style jeans to balance out your look.

Why you need a pair of UGG Boots this season

In the past year, we’ve seen UGG Boots on the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and even Cher. That in itself demonstrates just how hot these boots are right now. The most-trending silhouettes are the Mini and Ultra Mini which are a much more subtle take on what we wore in the past decade, and have given the UGG a well-welcome refresh. Perhaps one of the biggest causes of it’s resurgence is the growing desire for loungewear. Over the past two years, loungewear has become a huge part of our lives and we’re not willing to let go of the cosy-trend just yet. UGG Boots allow you to take your cosy levels from the home to the streets in footwear that feels just as cosy and comfy as your slippers. See how some of our brand ambassadors style the boots below, from the likes of Emily Anastasia, Estelle Aliot and Juti.

Shop the return of the UGG Boots online now with this seasons key styles.

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