Weekly Roundup of the Olympics 2020

Weekly Roundup of the Olympics 2020

Last week saw the start of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, and already we’ve only got one more week until it ends. This week, we’re recapping on the Olympics so far and giving you some of our highlights.

New Sports Introduced

This year, four new sports make their debut at the Olympics. With Karate, Sport Climbing, Skateboarding and Surfing being introduced, it’s been an exciting time to see more on offer than before, and to see more sports being given the recognition they deserve.

Olympics 2020

New World Records

On Wednesday 28th, China’s Shi Zhiyong broke his own world record during the weightlifting event, coming out of it with a gold medal for his achievements. Lifting a combined amount of 364kg, he beat the runner up by 18kg. Zhiyong had noted that his aim isn’t just to win a gold medal, it’s to exceed his own personal best too. He went into the game with the aim to break a world record, and he succeeded, dedicating his win to his father.

On Thursday 29th, China broke yet another world record in the women’s 4x200m freestyle relay. The world record was previously held by Australia, and broken by China with a finishing time of 7 minutes and 40.33 seconds. The team proved that sometimes, slow and steady does win the race as Australia were taking the lead before being beaten by China.

Mental Health Comes First

American Gymnast Simone Biles has stressed the importance of Mental Health amidst her withdrawal from the individual all-around competition. There can be a lot of pressure surrounding a competition of this magnitude, and with this comes a lot of stress. We can only commend and support Biles for making what must have been a hard decision, and she has been applauded by her teammates for making the right choice.

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