What To Expect From A Day At Wimbledon

What To Expect From A Day At Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2019 has begun and here at Tessuti, we are so excited to see the tournaments unfold. For those who plan on going, here is some of the information so that you know how your day at Wimbledon is going to pan out. 


You can get to the Championships by shuttle bus from Southfields tube station. There is also a shuttle bus from Wimbledon station, although this option is marginally further from the site. However, both stations are around a 15-minute walk to Wimbledon or alternatively, you can arrange a taxi. Also, be prepared to shuffle up on the bus or share your taxi during peak times.


Wimbledon remains to be one of the few major sporting events where you can buy tickets on the day – but be prepared to join the queue! If you are collecting your tickets, make sure you bring a form of photographic identification like your passport or driving licence and current proof of your address which matches the name and address with which you applied for your tickets with.

Dress Code

There are no specific rules for general ticket holders – although visitors are encouraged to come prepared for all weather conditions. The most important thing is to wear comfortable footwear as the grounds are large and hilly.  Flip-flops and high heels are not recommended. Certain hospitality areas request that visitors dress on the smarter side of casual – this means avoiding jeans and trainers. In the member’s area, the dress code is more defined, with Gentlemen required to wear a suit or tailored jacket, shirt, tie, trousers and dress shoes and ladies are expected to dress to a similar standard.


If you need to bring a bag it must measure no more than 40cm x 30cm x 30cm and have as few compartments as possible. Wheeled bags are strongly discouraged and only one bag per person is permitted.


In 2009, a retractable roof was installed on Centre Court which means that play can continue, whatever the weather. Sadly, if you’re watching on any other court the rain will disturb play. The places you can take shelter in include; the museum, the few merchandise shops and the restaurants and cafés around the site. Other than that, the grounds are quite exposed to the elements so make sure to bring an umbrella.


Food within the grounds is quite expensive, so a lot of people opt for a picnic. This is a great way to continue to soak up the atmosphere and avoid any queues for the restaurants. However, no hard-sided picnic hampers, cool boxes or briefcases are allowed, so your best bet is to take a disposable bag that you can dispose of once you have eaten.


Drinks can be bought on the grounds from refreshment stands and bar. Alcohol is allowed into the grounds but is strictly limited to just one bottle of wine or two 500ml cans of alcoholic drink per person. All alcohol must also be consumed in dedicated areas, and glass is not allowed into the courts.

We hope you enjoy your day at Wimbledon. Check out our Wimbledon Whites at Tessuti now.

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