What to Look Forward to Most Post Lockdown

What to Look Forward to Most Post Lockdown

For many people, the lockdown has made for a lot of firsts. If there’s one positive that has come out of the pandemic, it’s that we’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life. You probably found a few things to enjoy about last year. Perhaps you rediscovered your bicycle, your family, or maybe both. Maybe you learned to love the environment. And let’s not forget the clapping for our beloved NHS. In addition to all of this, we figured out how to make a safe and effective vaccine for a brand new virus in record time so we can look forward to post lockdown.

The new year is full of promise so here is our top 4 list of what to look forward to:

The Vaccine

For everyone, one giant leap towards normality. For most of us, there is a good chance you’re going to get jabbed in 2021. Some of you reading this may have even already had the first dose of the vaccine which means we’re one step closer to a little bit of freedom.


Not for a while maybe, and again, this won’t be seen by everyone to be something to cheer and look forward to post lockdown, but hugging will become an option again. Perhaps it can be an opportunity to rethink the whole thing, establish some new rules.


The days are already getting longer. Perhaps you planted bulbs in the garden or a window box and they’re already tentatively coming through. Soon the parks and the countryside will burst back into life, getting us ready for a new season as I think we are all ready to say goodbye to winter.


We’ve all earned it. Going abroad may seem too much hassle, with international travel in tatters, and bureaucracy ramped up by Brexit and coronavirus, but we can do it. Take Cornwall, it’s beautiful. Or the Lake District, Wales, Scotland. There are so many places to pursue energetic outdoor activities, or visit castles, or whatever it is that’s your thing. We might not always have the weather, but we’ve got the amazing view, the history and the beaches.

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