Destination Tessuti – Are You Ready For Summer 2019?

Destination Tessuti – Are You Ready For Summer 2019?

Last summer was one to remember, and here at Tessuti, we are so excited to see what this summer holds! The weather is generally unpredictable, us Brits expect the worst, and the question on everyone’s lips each year is whether the UK will avoid the rain or not. But don’t leave it down to chance, treat yourself to some time away and get excited about your summer holiday 2019.

The year is unravelling before us and it is time to get planning a getaway. Have you been looking forward to a luxurious beach holiday, or dreaming about your next city break? The options are endless and there is something out there for everyone. This year make sure that you find the best summer holiday deal in the perfect destination.


The ultimate city break accompanied by iconic architecture, fascinating culture, a beautiful blend of beach and city. Barcelona has everything from the ultimate shopping experience, to fine dining, or an amazing night out in the bars and clubs. It can generally be quite affordable with flights priced as low as £20.

barcelona tessuti


A place full of hidden gems and plenty of attractions to explore. Known for its super snorkelling scene, the country offers shallow waters for the beginners or deeper waters to explore coral reefs, caves and shipwrecks. It is also great walking territory with vineyards, pine forests and national parks begging for the tread of walking boots.

croatia tessuti


Ibiza might be known as the place to party, but there are so many sides to this Balearic beauty, with hotels and attractions catering for all. In the south of the island, you’ve got the most iconic clubbing-scene in the world, with San Antonio and Playa d’en Bossa in the spotlight. The north of the island is relaxed and family-friendly with relaxing resorts and secluded coves to explore.

ibiza tessuti


Pretty whitewashed towns and world-famous sunsets set the scene upon this amazing place. Get a taste of traditional Greek culture and, if you don’t mind your sand in a darker shade of grey, there are some great beaches. Enjoy magnificent sunsets that are truly beautiful – each one different in its own right.

santorini tessuti


For the pizza and pasta lovers alike, there is the gorgeous Italy. From the Romans to the Renaissance, Rome has played a starring role across time. The city holds an extensive collection of ancient sites and artistic masterpieces. Explore the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel and so much more!

rome tessuti

We are sure you will agree that your summer holiday is one of the biggest highlights of the year. There is nothing better than a week or two (or more) of pure relaxation in a new setting. So, whether it’s a holiday you’ve been planning for months or something that is a bit more last minute, summer is nearly here! Ladies get your nails done and guys treat yourself to a fresh trim! Get packed and make sure you have everything on your holiday checklist.

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Need more inspiration? Here’s how to plan your summer holiday.

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