Your Commuter Outfit Guide

Your Commuter Outfit Guide

Rolling out of bed on to your laptop, zoom meetings with the camera off and your pyjama’s securely on. Well, chances are that’s about to become a distant memory with heading back into the office and the dreaded commute looming. However, Fear not, for we have some tips to help your wardrobe break back into the daily commute. Discover your commuter outfit guide from Tessuti now.

So the first thing to assess when looking at how your closet can make your drive to the 9-5 easier is how you’re getting there?  

Public Transport  

One of the most important parts of travelling by bus, tram or train is layering. The highs and lows of temperature mean that wearing a huge heavy coat could mean overheating on a train , however not wearing enough could mean that after a somewhat warm journey the colder temp could mean you are freezing by the time you get to the office. Also a pair of sturdy boots or trainers could help. The ANDROID HOMME EXCLUSIVE VENICE KEVLAR TRAINERS gives you the sleek office look whilst being comfortable. Creasing can also be a problem when commuting therefore it’s important to get a high quality crease repellent pair of jeans or suit trousers. EMPORIO ARMANI CUFFED JOGGER TROUSERS offer a staple suit look with a relaxed fit and feel.   

On a bike  

Why not use your extra hour/half hour journey to burn a few cals. However to do this you need the right kinda gear. There’s actually a whole load of essentials that are both work ready but bike smart. To get down to basics we suggest a windbreaker, the UNLIKE HUMANS NYLON WINDBREAKER has a polished feel that works well for both the office and the cycle route. A gilet and comfy-esque style pair of trousers are also needed. Trainers with high grip but a sleek kind of style are also a big yes. The MALLET EXCLUSIVE ARCHWAY PRINT CAMO TRAINERS have a serrated grip sole and also the urban edgy office aesthetic. 

Shop your commuter outfit guide from a range of premium designers at Tessuti today.

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