Your Transitional Wardrobe: Layering

Your Transitional Wardrobe: Layering

We all like to layer up in the winter months. Layering is as important for looking good as it is dealing with the changing temperatures. Give your layers an update with our new season pieces to impress. Here are a few easy rules to help you transition in style now that September is upon usā€¦

The Overshirt

An overshirt, in particular, is warm enough to be worn on its own, yet slim enough to fit under a coat. How you style yours all comes down to the weather. On milder days, try wearing it open over a crew neck T-shirt. Then, once we reach the thick of autumn, put it over a thinner shirt and T-shirt. We have a vast array of colours and styles so there is something for everyone.

The Jacket

Lighter than your big winter coats, but warm enough to see you through chillier evenings in style, we can not recommend lightweight jackets enough. Barbour International have some of the best on the market at present and at a reasonable price point too, but if youā€™re looking to splash a little more cash, then Stone Island and Pyrenex have some perfect luxury options.

The Coat

Also known as a down jacket ā€“ the puffer jacket is that rarest of things: a nineties fashion staple with real practical benefits. These padded wonders are capable of locking in heat in even the iciest of conditions. And thereā€™s another benefit: puffer jackets have good looks on their side as well. Something which has been reinvented and updated each season by our favourite designers. We love Parajumpersā€™ new collection, perfect for this winter weather.

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